Gracing the cover of this month’s edition of The Serran is seminarian Matthew Pohlman of Omaha, NE, atop the Pontifical North American College in Rome where he is a Theology II student. To find out about how three generations of his family joined Serra, turn to p. 22!
Also in this issue is a pictorial review of the recent Serra Rally held last January in Irving, Texas by photographer Wayne Mikols, along with a transcript of Fort Worth Bishop Michael Olson’s wonderful keynote talk.
A report from the Serra delegation attending the symposium on the theology of the priesthood at the Vatican last month appears in this issue, supplemented by Pope Francis’ comments on what makes a good priest in contemporary times.
Also notable about this issue is that it is the final magazine created by editor Anne McCormack, who has published over 100 issues of The Serran since her employment at Serra began in 1997. You can find her farewell article on p. 27.