From Serra’s USA Council President Judy Cozzens:

Vocation directors’ jobs are very difficult. One vocation director may be serving four parishes on top of his vocation director duties. Another may be a half-time director with no secretary to help. The pressure is great: many vocation directors have pastors tell them that vocations is their job and offer no help, and all this at a time when vocations numbers are in decline.

So, our Vocation Directors need our prayers, and since this is part of our mission, we want Serrans to step up.  This is the best gift we can give them.

What does this look like? The NCDVD will send the USA Council board a list of names of vocation directors and their assistants. The USA Council will match these up to our Serra clubs, who will assign 7 members to pray for them by name for one hour a week for the next year. Your club may be asked to pray for more than one director. 

Each person on the team should choose one day of the week to pray, so the director has someone praying for them for one hour each day of the week. This program is modeled after the Seven Sisters Apostolate praying for priests.

Mass is a wonderful prayer, and offering your Mass and Communion for your assigned vocation director alone is the beginning of a good hour of prayer for him. You can complete the hour with a rosary or time in front of the Blessed Sacrament. A holy hour in Adoration is another great idea.

We will need about 300 prayer teams to cover all vocation directors in the United States. We want each team of seven Serrans praying for a director to send him a personal card with their commitment. 

Your club should send the name and e-mail address of your preferred Serra club member contact to President Judy Cozzens and she will send you your vocation director match(es), along with more details.