Read: Luke 17:11-19 and Matthew 8:2-3

President Cozzens

Our world has come to a stop. We are asked not to meet, not to hold social gatherings for fear we will be infected. The devil could not have thought of a better plan. In this environment, how can we continue to serve our Church, support our religious and encourage religious vocations? How can we realize a stronger sense of our own Call to Holiness?

In our prayers, focus on others. Think of our priests, nuns, deacons, brothers whose lives are centered on ministering to people. Most of them are now alone, cut off from physical contact with the people they vowed to serve. Be aware of the people around us who are less fortunate and suffering quietly, alone and out of sight. In prayer, the Holy Spirit will provide you direction.

As a Serra Club, your mission is one that should not and cannot stop. The evil forces in our world are counting on the fact that it will. Again, prayer will provide answers. Some things to contemplate:

  1. Prayer & The Seven Serrans:Enhance your individual prayer life and with your spouse. Rekindle a new relationship with God. Be more focused on your day of prayer for your vocation director. Add something to it, perhaps consider a day of fast.
  2. Club Board Meetings:Most of us are home, available, and undistracted; even bored. What the Lord is asking of you in prayer can be done, even in physical isolation. Take this opportunity to meet via conference call. Set a short agenda. Start with prayer letting the Holy Spirit take over. You will find much to talk about and plenty to do. The hustle of everyday life will not be a hindrance.
  3. Club Program Meetings:Innovate. With today’s technology there is very little reason we need to stop. Be aware that a program speaker is in the same situation, isolated from normal groups. Consider gathering video-based platform. All dioceses and most churches have a video conferencing platform. In many cases, all that needs to be done is to gather and flip a switch. Dioceses may have the staff waiting and willing to help facilitate a more broadly based, web-based presentation. As always, invite guests!!
  4. Call to Holiness Meetings:Club spiritual development programs need no special video platform, just a conference call number that an individual can set up at Select your program from the Call to Holiness manual,gather your people, give them the number and access code, and go. If you’re not comfortable with running a program, try a scriptural rosary.
  5. Our Priests:The Holy Father, Pope Francis, asked us to be a good friend to our priests.It is a stressful time for them spiritually and financially. See where you can help. Maybe preparing a meal, doing some shopping, or even praying with them. Show them you care about them.

When we come out of our self-quarantined existence, let us proclaim to all that our Serra mission did not stop, the devil did not win, and a flurry of religious vocations resulted from it.



Judith H Cozzens

President, Serra’s United States Council