Let’s say you want to cook an ethnic food that is new to you. Or you want to try to improve your favorite dish. What do you do before you start cooking? You investigate recipes, you read up on spices or cooking methods. In other words, you prepare, you arm yourself with knowledge, you increase your confidence and your competence.
Similarly, one of the purposes of the Serra Club’s monthly meetings is to increase our knowledge and love of the Faith, thus allowing the Holy Spirit to arm us with increased competence and confidence as we carry out our Serran mission.
The (bi)monthly meeting of the Club members is perfect for our purpose. Except for the election of officers, most voting and decision making is accomplished during the Board meeting. The Club meeting includes prayer, sharing of a meal or refreshments, a program of continuing Catholic adult education, and any announcements or information from club officers. All these facets of our meetings prepare us to go about our Serran ministry with good information and great motivation.
In order to accomplish our Serra objectives “to foster and promote vocations to the ministerial priesthood” and “to support priests in their ministry” and “to encourage and affirm vocations to consecrated religious life” we must “recognize and respond to God’s call to holiness.” We need to understand and live our own vocation to service.
Why, then, would Serra members short change themselves in the development of knowledge and love of the Church, Scripture, the Eucharist, and the energy and example of Jesus, Mary, Joseph and all the saints by skipping over the educational program?
The adult education segment of the club meeting is so important that your U.S.A. Council Programs Committee has published a large group of educational and inspirational programs that you can use at meetings in place of a speaker or can be used by a speaker as an outline or handout. They are found in Meeting Programs-A Call to Holiness Manual, which may be downloaded in whole or in part from the Council website, www.serraus.org. We have just updated this manual completely, featuring 11 new programs.
Serra’s USA Council Programs Committee