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Featured Club Resource: Free Conference Calls for Inspiration and Encouragement

The national-level Communications, Membership, Programs, and Vocations Committees exist to serve all clubs in the USA by sharing ideas, tips, tools, and resources, and by creating national initiatives directing all Serrans and clubs toward common goals that enrich our vocations ministry.

One of the tools the committees use to communicate with clubs is through free conference calls. During these moderated calls, committee leaders share news about nationwide initiatives (such as Priesthood Sunday, National Vocations Awareness Week or membership drives) along with tools that can be found on this website. There is also time for callers to share stories, ideas and challenges with a supportive group.

To view a calendar of scheduled committee conference calls, click the “Monthly Free Conference Calls” tab below.

From the comfort of your own home, join Serra’s national leaders for free discussions and idea exchanges to help your club enhance its Vocations, Programs, Communications and Membership activities.

This manual is intended primarily for the club vice president for communications and other members of the communications committee. It also will be helpful to other club officers and anyone associated with club newsletter including the editor, the editorial board members, and all members of the subcommittee. This manual is also an important reference for anyone involved in communications and public relations at any level of Serra.

Communications Manual – Revised November 2021

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Serra Radio Spots – 90-second, 60-second, 45-second and 40-second spots

While these were composed with radio in mind, use them for inspiration if you’ve been tasked with presenting about Serra from the pulpit, at community meetings, or even as a person-to-person message when someone asks you, “What is Serra?”

Customize these bulletin inserts with your diocese’s vocation director’s name and contact information, or contact details for your Serra club.

VOCATION SEEDS Serra Bulletin Inserts Yr A 2019-2020 (1) (1)

Customizable cut-and-paste text blurbs of varying lengths to promote Serra and vocations awareness in weekly parish bulletins.

Download Vocations Awareness Parish Bulletin Clips