Club Meetings / Programs

The Programs Committee of the United States Council of Serra International works to help Serra Club leaders across the United States to help its members recognize and respond to God’s call to holiness. It also provides best practices and content for meetings that focus on Catholic adult education, reflection, devotion, and prayer.

The committee invites Serran Programs Vice Presidents and other leaders to join committee conference calls to provide input, gain ideas, and become inspired.  The committee holds virtual e-learning presentations on the first Monday of even-numbered months.  Please email committee Chairperson John Osterhart for meeting call # and sign-in.

A Call to Holiness contains prepared programs for meetings focusing on our faith and call to holiness (click here). This completely updated manual contains a dozen new programs ready for use in your club.
Click below for a list of meeting topics based on the Church calendar featuring programs covered in the Call to Holiness manual.

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