No parties, no Masses, no potluck swaps, no elementary school group art projects…

With our go-to Priesthood Sunday celebration ideas inaccessible during the pandemic, we’ve got to get creative about how to tell our priests that we appreciate them on Sept. 27.

The Serra clubs of Harlingen, McAllen and Brownsville, Texas, may have just the answer you’re looking for. These clubs recently assembled and delivered care packages to welcome three new priests to their diocese. Check out the loot artfully arranged in a literal treasure chest above!

The contents of each box were as follows:

  • Serra International logo pad folio
  • Serra International note card containing $100
  • Picture frame
  • Journal
  • Wine bottle
  • Wine bottle opener
  • Cross
  • Starbucks Frappuccino bottle 13.7 oz x 1
  • Gold peak tea bottle 16.9 oz x 2
  • Wine tumbler
  • Trail mix bag 8 oz
  • Snack mix 7 oz
  • Cheese sticks
  • Hershey candy bar x 2
  • Kit Kat bar x 2
  • Snickers bar x 2
  • Mentos mints 90 pieces
  • Ritz crackers x 4
  • Chocolate covered pecans 5 oz

USA Council Communications VP Jesse Gallegos delivers a care package to Fr. Joe Luis Hernandez at Holy Spirit Catholic Church in McAllen.

Each care package cost about $200. The contents will keep these priests energized, snacking and relaxed for a long time to come, but we especially love the Serra branded note pad and gift card!

For Priesthood Sunday this year, consider taking the money you would have used to put on a party or to decorate the church, and put it toward a thoughtfully curated care package instead. Personalize it to your priest’s interests.

Go beyond simply presenting them with an impersonal gift card or money (although they can certainly be included); find out your priest’s favorite snacks and beverages, and hobbies.

If he’s far from home, consider finding some sentimental regional snack or publication. You could even include a few reusable cloth masks with the Serra logo!

The pandemic is stressful for everyone, including priests. A special care package created just for him on Priesthood Sunday would be an unforgettable gift.

Your club’s care packages may not be as spendy or fancy as the one above, but we know Serran ingenuity and thoughtfulness can go a long, long way toward making a priest’s day.