Seven Serran Prayer Teams for Vocation Directors

From Serra's USA Council President Judy Cozzens: Vocation directors' jobs are very difficult. One vocation director may be serving four parishes on top of his vocation director duties. Another may be a half-time director with no secretary to help. The pressure is great: many vocation directors have pastors tell them that vocations is their job and [...]

Our Work Doesn’t Stop at Supporting Vocations.

by Greg Schwietz, President, Serra's Council for the United States Recent statistics cite a remarkable decrease in attendance at Mass of younger generation Catholics. Matt Zerrusen, president of Newman Connection, estimates that over 80% of young Catholics going to college stop actively practicing their faith by the time they graduate. At a recent conference, popular [...]

New Member Orientation: Anytime, Anyplace!

Serra club new member orientation is now easier than ever! Serra USA’s New Member Orientation module is available online at the link: This 35-minute recorded webinar is designed to be viewed by members new to Serra within the last three years, and is accompanied by a printable support document: Because the session is [...]

USA Council Executive Committee Transitional Meeting Minutes, May 4-6, 2018

President-elect Judy Cozzens (center), her 2018-2019 Executive Committee and guests gather for a meal during a break at the USA Council's Transitional Meeting, May 4-6, 2018. The Executive Committee of Serra's Council for the United States held a Transitional Meeting on May 4-6, 2018, in Minneapolis, MN. The Transitional Meeting is a time [...]

New at Fully Updated Meeting Programs Manual

Let’s say you want to cook an ethnic food that is new to you. Or you want to try to improve your favorite dish. What do you do before you start cooking? You investigate recipes, you read up on spices or cooking methods. In other words, you prepare, you arm yourself with knowledge, you increase [...]

It’s Leadership, Stupid.

by Serra's USA Council President Greg Schwietz from the March 2018 Issue of the Serran Magazine   Serra is facing the effects of a long-term leadership crisis.  Some would say we have a membership problem. Many clubs report that their membership is aging and that it is hard to recruit new members. Some are suffering [...]

Serra Rally 2018

Doing Big Things and Being Relevant

Is Your Club Relevant? by Serra's USA Council President Greg Schwietz In many of the dioceses where Serra clubs currently exist, this question of relevance arises. Either this is the result of an internal review of Serra club activities, or it comes in the form of an unwelcomed comment from an outside observer. The question [...]

The Pope’s Challenge to Serra: Meet the vocation needs of the present and future Church

Serra USA Council President Greg Schwietz meets the Holy Father Pope Francis at Vatican City on June 23, 2017. It was a powerful moment: sitting in the Vatican’s Paul VI Audience Hall, waiting for the Holy Father to address 650 lucky Serrans and their families this past June 23, an exciting prelude to [...]

Be a Top 10 Club by President Schwietz

What does it take for your club to be a top club? It takes more than just membership numbers to be a top club. Any club can attain this desired status with some reasonable number of active members. Fundamentally, it is the organizational quality of your club which makes the important difference to be what [...]