2019 Free Committee Conference Calls

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Did you know that Serra’s USA Council national standing committees for Communications, Programs, Vocations and Membership host conference calls open to all Serra members? If you need fresh ideas, inspiration, motivation, or problem-solving, consider these calls your access to the Serra brain trust.

Vocations: May 20, 2019 (Mon) 8:20-9:20pm E; 7:20- 8:20pm C; 6:20-7:20pm M; 5:20-6:20pm  P

Communications (note new phone number, 515-606-9094; the access code remains the same: 182997)May 8, 2019 (Wed) 8:30p E; 7:30p C; 6:30p M, 5:30p P

Or May 11, 2019 (Sat) Noon E; 11:00a C, 10:00a M, 9:00a P

Programs: April 1, 2019 (Mon) 8:00 pm E; 7:00pm C; 6:00 pm M; 5:00pm  P

Programs: May 6, 2019 (Mon) 8:00 pm E; 7:00pm C; 6:00 pm M; 5:00pm P

Membership: Primary: May 7, 2019 (Tues) 8:20p E, 7:20p C, 6:20p M, 5:20p P

            Fall Back Call Date: May 9, 2019 (Thurs) 8:20p E, 7:20p C, 6:20p M, 5:20p P

Download this document to see all calls so far scheduled for 2019 including dial-in numbers and access codes: Committee Conference Calls 2019

Listen to an English translation of His Holiness Pope Francis’ address to Serrans at their private audience with him during the Serra International Convention in Rome, June 23, 2017.
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“Walk with Saint Junipero Serra as he traces our Lord’s footsteps in search of workers for the vineyard.”

A Franciscan missionary Saint Junipero Serra is well known as the 18th century founder of a string of California missions. Like Saint Serra, the Serrans of today put faith into action. Whether through meetings, vocational programs, or personal involvement in school, parish and diocesan activities, Serrans accept the challenge of fostering vocations and encouraging spiritual growth.

Let St. Serra inspire us to nurture vocations and become missionaries ourselves as we work for vocations. The USA Council Program Committee invites you to carry out this program of renewal by which all Serrans recommit themselves to furthering Serra International’s principles and objectives.

If you want to know more about our patron, please read the in-depth article, “Missionary Disciple: The Spirituality of Saint Junipero Serra” by Father Joseph Chinnici, OFM, historian and President Emeritus of the Franciscan School of Theology at Oceanside, CA.
Download Fr. Chinnici’s article here.It was first published in the June 2017 issue of The Serran Magazine.

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St. Junipero Serra
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Serrans are lay Catholics – men and women of all ages and from all walks of life: lawyers, doctors, accountants, business people, nurses, engineers, sales people, clerks, retirees etc., all dedicated to promote and foster vocations.
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Our Work Doesn’t Stop at Supporting Vocations.

June 18th, 2018|Comments Off on Our Work Doesn’t Stop at Supporting Vocations.

by Greg Schwietz, President, Serra's Council for the United States Recent statistics cite a remarkable decrease in attendance at Mass of younger generation Catholics. Matt Zerrusen, president of Newman Connection, estimates that over 80% of [...]

New Member Orientation: Anytime, Anyplace!

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Serra club new member orientation is now easier than ever! Serra USA’s New Member Orientation module is available online at the link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/05kmvqzmzk59j3b/Serra%20New%20Mem%20Orientation%20Nov%202018.mp4?dl=0 This 35-minute recorded webinar is designed to be viewed by members new [...]

USA Council Executive Committee Transitional Meeting Minutes, May 4-6, 2018

May 22nd, 2018|Comments Off on USA Council Executive Committee Transitional Meeting Minutes, May 4-6, 2018

President-elect Judy Cozzens (center), her 2018-2019 Executive Committee and guests gather for a meal during a break at the USA Council's Transitional Meeting, May 4-6, 2018. The Executive Committee of Serra's Council for [...]

New at www.serraus.org: Fully Updated Meeting Programs Manual

May 16th, 2018|Comments Off on New at www.serraus.org: Fully Updated Meeting Programs Manual

Let’s say you want to cook an ethnic food that is new to you. Or you want to try to improve your favorite dish. What do you do before you start cooking? You investigate recipes, [...]

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